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Teller County offers visitors a variety of unique attractions found nowhere else in the world. The world's largest gold mine can be found in Cripple Creek. The world's second most visited mountain, Pikes Peak, is always in view throughout Teller County. You'll find millions of years old dinosauer and plant fossils on display at the Florissant Fossil Bed National Monument. Visit the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park to get an up close and personal view. Adding a bit of history, the Lowell Thomas Museum and legendary Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine in Cripple Creek is the newly opened Heritage Center.

Spend some time exploring all of Teller County's most popular attractions and you'll be amazed how quickly you may feel drawn to a different time and place. Times were slower, cell phones didn't exist, and locals and visitors had time to become new friends.

Here is a list of some of our most popular attractions:

Nearby Activities: